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You find out that she is suffering from a serious medical condition, and you receive a ,500 vet bill.These types of situations happen all the time and unfortunately, if you cannot pay, your pet will not receive treatment or if the situation is serious enough, the vet will perform the surgery, but not release your pet until you do pay. Expensive treatments, medical procedures, and prescriptions for your cat can arise and are quite common place. Pet health insurance is one way to safeguard yourself and your cat throughout his or her life.back when I read it in 2015 and was ecstatic to hear that it is coming to off-Broadway this summer! Like most Netflix series, it is taking the Internet by storm.In just one week “The Sex Myth: A Devised Play” premieres at the historic HERE Theater in West Soho. I was hesitant to watch the show at first because it looked very sad (you know from the beginning that the heroine has killed herself), and I thought I was too old to watch a show based on a young adult novel. The series is raw, suspenseful, has a great soundtrack, and is filled with a cast of dynamic, diverse characters.

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