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She apologizes for misleading him, he wanders off for greener (straighter) pastures, and then we finally get to the good part. Stacy gets encouragement from Cassie and Charles, who tell her, “What do you have to lose? If it were, I would just choose a life that wasn’t so complicated.In order to completely cut off the southwest town and destroyed Jin Tinghuai military organization needs confidential Bureau sent its people to the legendary spy Wu Jiangdu ."Black Coffee" is the kind of movie where a character quotes the tired old warhorse "If you love something set it free (etc.)", and it is treated like a profound and original statement.That's your first clue that you're about to watch a movie with an agenda, and it's the agenda that matters, not character, not story. It's too bad, because Gabrielle Dennis, who plays Morgan, the up-and-coming lawyer and love interest of the main character, is a beautiful and thoughtful actress who is doing her level best to play subtext where there is none.It makes for a confused muddle, with characters who often behave in ways that have no correlation to actual human behavior, and language that exists in order to prop up the agenda. She actually manages to create a character who seems alive. From the first scene, which takes place in a bedroom, things feel off.He’s a great example of the many independent black filmmakers who struggle and still succeed in making their films totally outside the Hollywood studio system.

Nolen is in a different market altogether, making his own independently-financed feature films entirely in Chicago, with familiar name actors, being quite successful it at too.

Everything looks gorgeous, the furnishings, the bed sheets, the golden light, and there's a slick matte quality to the image. How people furnish their homes gives an audience so much information about the characters.

"Black Coffee" puts everyone in a generic "House Beautiful" environment.

Here’s what I liked most about this: it’s not a coming-out story (and no lesbians get pregnant). ” angst, Stacy’s sexual orientation isn’t a big secret, and Stacy and Cassie (and even Charles) banter easily throughout this episode and the last about whether her love interest “likes girls, too.” Stacy’s big concern (besides upsetting her father by publicly attending the prom with another girl) is the same one all teenagers have in high school: whether the person she likes, likes her back.

The show portrays an acceptance of lesbianism and bisexuality that is really refreshing (if probably a little unrealistic). The only black lesbian couples on TV have been adults, like Kima and her partner on .

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