Updating the project management bodies of knowledge morris

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The second part of the report is develop guideline for the 2012 Olympic Stadium which will include an overview of the difference between managing a single, simple project and a project that is part of a large complex programme of work, also to outline the project management challenges of the 2012 Olympic Stadium.

The need to generate additional revenue from the football event and also to provide a state- of the- art facilities for the fans is identified as the requirement for a new football stadium to replace the existing one Arsenal Football Club The Emirate Stadium is located in Holloway in London Borough of Islington town.

Project related practice has been the subject of research for well over 30 years and there is a significant educational programme to support practitioners, increased focus on standards and alignment with organisational strategy and increased awareness of behavioural aspects, but still projects fail, often spectacularly.

A paradigm shift is needed and alternative approaches are necessary to achieve that shift.

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composed of the plans and documents generated by the various processes. included in the cost management plan, either as text within the body of the plan or as appendices.The Round I analysis of 147 respondents, all with 20 or more years of project management experience, yielded 117 project management success factors, 78 of which were identified as trainable competencies.The Round II analysis confirmed 42 of the 78 competencies (53.8%) as very important to extremely important to project manager success.The stadium is located in a high density residential area therefore restricting feasibility of increase capacity.Over 2000 new homes were built in Islington as part of the project.

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