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I subscribe to the theory that says you're a product of all your experiences, recently said Anna Patty Duke Pearce.

And with a life that has been described as being close to one out of a Dickens novel, Anna Pearce, better known to the world as Patty Duke, has experienced more in her life than most heroines in classic novels do.

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This is the story of a tortured young girl who beat all of the odds, to become one of the greatest survivors of our time. , Anna Marie Duke was the youngest of three children to be born to John and Frances Duke.

The Dukes lived on a modest income, with John working several jobs, most frequently as a cab driver.

Annas recollections of her father are mostly positive.

No matter what he was doing, he never went without a smile on his face. But little did she know until many years later, that John would quit drinking and save up enough money to buy a standing room only ticket at Broadways The Playhouse Theatre, where The Miracle Worker, starring his twelve-year-old daughter, was playing.

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