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Now I have to post a long essay about this so as to not offend the Big Brother POF filter.

Although many years from death, she was downright old.

I think it can be confusing to the child if it is not done in moderation, barring the mother is no longer capable of doing so. You could have just named the thread "Are you a grandparent raising grandchildren?

A woman taking advantage of her parent(s) ability to love and care for their grandchildren can have serious consequences. Some of the threads here are superficial self-serving. Some are seekers, some are blantantly self-gratuitous. " How are we supposed to know exactly what you're asking if you leave it to us to guess?

The good news is that raising grandchildren gives you a chance to make a real difference in their lives.

There are many ways to get help, maintain good communication, and take care of yourself along the way and here are just some great resources for grandparents raising grandchildren: Help is a nonprofit site that gives grandparents resources, tools and ideas on how to get help and make the most of raising grandchildren.

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