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Messenger and Chat Lock, Lock for Whats App and Secure Chat are three Android apps that do just that.

2) Block Whats App photos from appearing in photoroll It’s fair to assume that your Whats App conversations might occasionally take on a distinctly ‘personal’ note.

Streams video at up to HD 1080p, music at up to 1.5mbps, gaming at up to 8mbps. MHS, P2P and VPN reduced to 2G speeds after 10GB/mo.

Pricing shown with Auto Pay discount applied w/i 2 invoices. via /mo service credit applied w/in 3 invoices; then pay /mo. Mobile optimized: video streams at up to 480p resolution, music at up to 500kbps, streaming gaming at up to 2mbps.

At one point "Farah" began addressing Williams as "maam," even though he is a man. Here was our experience: To Ravinder's credit, he did answer my question, though not without trying to give me a canned answer first. (We contacted Amazon for comment but did not immediately hear back.) But still, dealing with Amazon felt like the opposite of dealing with Zappos (the shoe and apparel company owned by Amazon). How can I help you today Me: Someone created an account using my gmail account but with a "." in it. Chris Williams farah: May I know the account holder please.. Im so sorry for taking a long time to wait on this okay..? Me:noi don't need you to reset my password farah: OH OKAY.. Me:i need you to delete this "ct.willi [email protected]" account because it is not mine.please don't change my password.

Here's a sample: Me: i need you to delete this "ct.willi [email protected]" account because it is not mine.please don't change my password. I asked a customer support chatter for a job at Zappos, too, and "Margret" told us, "We are all about the sunshine here in Vegas! You can go on our site at the bottom of the page and apply for a job through Jobvite." Although "Margret" began her chat with a piece of script, she obviously veered off into unscripted, plain-spoken English, fairly quickly. Here's Williams' Amazon transcript: You are now connected to farah from Me: Hello. This is still associate with my email address and is not my account. Me: Account holder is Chris Williams farah:your first and last name plese Me: First = Chris Last = Williams farah:okay let me check this out for you okay? ctwilli [email protected] is your account am I correct on this?

These are some tactics, discovered through psychological research, that you have probably not yet heard about, but have the potential to increase your persuasive abilities.

I’m not going to cover reciprocity, scarcity or social proof and all those widely known persuasion principles.

And feel free to use a pet bedroom name if you have one.Try teasing your partner like you’re also a music streaming service who refuses to give in to Taylor Swift's demands.Lauren suggests “setting the stage” with a quick call or flirty text that will make your partner really look forward to talking with you.Pricing shown with /mo./line Auto Pay discount applied w/in 2 inv. Data deprioritization applies during times of congestion. Mobile Hotspot data: 10GB of 4G LTE, VPN and P2P access with unlimited data at up to 2G speeds thereafter.Pricing shown with /mo/line Auto Pay discount applied within 2 invoices. Accts without an active handset will incur additional /mo/line charge.

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