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Prue told Phoebe that she had shot a magazine cover the day before.Travaux Android Ana Maico 2010 (TV) : Series Composition, Screenplay Battle Athletes Victory (TV) : Script Best Student Council (TV) : Series Composition, Scenario, Theme Song Lyrics (ED) Big Windup!When she goes to talk to her professor about the class, but due to her Lust, she ends up hitting on him.She managed to turn that embarrassing episode into a positive by claiming that it was an ethical experiment. When Prue and Phoebe were trying to locate the "unnatural activity" that Prue had scryed for, Phoebe was lecturing Prue about finding a balance in her life.She is kind, friendly, and an amateur in making flower arrangements, but is working hard.A result-oriented, stoic singer who is a second year student.These people have come to be known as "Alter" users.

Phoebe had to complete a paper for her Ethics class.

Later, the series premiered on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block on May 28, 2005, after select episodes had been aired on Adult Swim's Video On Demand service for nearly a year.

On September 27, 2005, Bandai re-released Set several years after "The Great Uprising", a future geological phenomenon in the Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo , people have developed a power granting them the ability to deconstruct, reshape, and crystalize matter at a molecular level using only thought and willpower.

There are two opposing forces of alters: the Native Alters, a group of Alter users who live outside the central city and avoid any relationships with the government; and HOLY, an organization of Alter users that are a subgroup of an organization called HOLD.

HOLD functions as the Mainland government's super police force of the Lost Ground, while HOLY, composed exclusively of Alter users, serves as the 'special operations' group, aiding HOLD in performing dangerous missions that might require the help of an Alter user.

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