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Can’t you have a Tinder rating for perverts, weirdos and time wasters.” Jemima Goldsmith has attracted public attention not only on account of her privileged background and good looks, but also due to her list of exes.Jemima had married Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan in 1995.Imran Khan and Jemima also had to pass through that phase of life when they accepted that things were not going well as they ought to.The nine year long journey of the couple ended in 2004 when Imran and Jemima filed a divorce.In a city of monuments, it is one of the newest, put up in the aftermath of the August 31, 1997, car crash that took Diana’s and Dodi’s lives.A Harrods salesclerk gave me directions: “Downstairs, to the right, through the shoe department.” The memorial consists of side-by-side color photos of Dodi and Diana, framed by golden interlocking *D’*s and sculpted albatross.However, recent reports suggest that the Britisher is making use of Tinder to shuffle for future husbands or potential boyfriends!The pictures that Goldsmith has chosen to upload on her Tinder profile, though, are bizarre and interesting.

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One picture of hers features Jemima inside a cage, held by a gorilla!So back to the present: Brand, 38, and Khan, 39, were snapped going for a stroll in the East Village in New York Sunday (Sept. It is the first time the pair have been photographed publicly together, though it appears the acquaintance is more than casual.both mocking the 70-year-old after a week that has threatened to derail his campaign.“Countries where polygamy is not legally prohibited will be the primary targets,” added the app creator.As such, the app will be introduced in countries like Iran, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.

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