Healthy dating advice

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You are not supposed to have all of the answers about relationships, but you can begin to learn what works for you through your peers, family, community and own dating experiences.

It is helpful to learn from trusted adults and to trust your gut if your relationship does not feel right.

Dating is more about finding someone healthy for you and who has what you need rather than someone who likes you.

You can find plenty of people who like you but the key is finding someone who respects and deserves you..

Taking time to get to know each other and avoiding rushing into sexual experiences early on will help you form a healthy relationship from the start.

I’m not saying that healthy relationships are perfect. But rather that when someone is truly making you happy, you are only sharing good news about that person and your relationship.

My dating advice is, when in a relationship, LISTEN to yourself when you are talking to your friends about the person. That says everything about whether or not the relationship is making you happy.

I have some great dating advice, sparked by a conversation I had today with a friend.

My friend has been divorced for a couple years and was in a relationship recently that lasted for several months.

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