Fuck no signup

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Lyrically, the album leans mostly toward introspection and existential doubt, and Jordon's coping with depression, anxiety, and love.Just a few weeks since the release of ' If Only', No Sun are releasing a cover of the classic Dead Kennedys song, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off".Like the source material this is not one for the faint of heart or sole.For one, this is Ballard, so it’s profane as fuck in terms of language and sexual situations, right up to the point of sexual violence.I didn’t even know there Just inside the door was a collection of quiet guys-and one gal-lining the walls of the blank foyer.Barring their way from making it further down the hall was a plastic table behind which stood a man: the only one I recognized in the room.“Are you here for the lecture?When they’re just about done, throw in the chopped snap peas and boil them along with the noodles for about 30 seconds.

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I’d been to this particular spot in this particular patch of the industrial part of downtown Los Angeles, past the Coca-Cola distribution center, plenty of times. Instead there was a crisp sheet of white paper with the oil slick haired image of our 40th president — Ronald Reagan — instructing me to head around the corner to the side door.

While the noodles are cooking and cooling, make the pesto. Just put the peanuts in a bag and smash em until they’re tiny and chop the rest of that shit up super small too.

Throw everything for the pesto in a food processor and blend until it’s sorta smooth. Mix all of it together with a fork until it looks like a paste.

You’re not still fucking with some mayo-soaked pasta salad, right?

Because that shit always gets left in the sun for the wasps. Whip up a bowl of these next level noodles and start spring with SOME GODDAMN RESPECT FOR YOURSELF.

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