Drupal activity stream not updating

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Allow Drupal's unofficial slogan to answer that question: There is a module for that!The module in question is "Views Hacks" and contains another module called "Views Auto-Refresh".

Correction: The tabs in this screenshot actually correspond to Flags, not message types.

admin/statuses/contexts/user and specify the DOM path of the view you want to update.thanks for your response:) unfortunately, i steps you mentioned did not help.

I placed block in the panels and view with statuses is not refreshed.

then added div.view-statuses-stream into Refreshable DOM selectors, but it did not help either. I have a user panel page and a status block setup set to enable showing a view, But the status section will not update on the panel.

Normal pages refresh just fine (statuses/share etc.)Obviously I'm not seeing this, so someone who is seeing this needs to either do some debugging or explain how to reproduce this behavior from a clean installation.

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