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(e Claims) Electronic explanation of benefit reporting is imported into Dentrix automatically using e Sync.

(e Central Communication Manager) Patient appointment confirmations from email, text message or postcard reminders automatically update the Dentrix Appointment Book using e Sync.

Our webcam girls want to be absolutely sure that they are chatting with users over the age of 18.

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I've been totally pleased with the results I’ve gotten." - providing proof of extramarital affairs, cheating fiancé's, routine dishonesty, lies, and abusiveness to their partners using cell phone records and text messages (even deleted text messages) as a powerful device.

We also have access to very powerful restricted databases that can pull data up on practically anything you can imagine.

(Power Pay and Power Pay LE EMV) All Power Pay 5.0 and Power Pay LE EMV credit and debit card transactions that are processed through Dentrix are done so using e Sync.

Messages exchanged between workstations by Dentalink are delivered using e Sync.

The Initials could be an early Inspector’s marks but are also unusual, in being 4 and well stamped by the maker.

It is usually un-lidded and has a handle and is for drinking out of. – generally it is as described above but with a working lid. It can be lidded or un-lidded, with or without a spout, with or without a handle and is used to pour liquid into other containers to drink out of.


This Wigan Mug is likely to have had a private owner as it has had very little use.

So it is a Wigan Half Pint Mug made round about 1829 by the firm Bolton and Wylde.

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