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In theory a man may have more than one wife if he can afford it.

Divorce is possible but is looked on askance by the community. Both parents have obligations for the continuing support of any children, and can remarry if they wish.

Bringing my Cambodian wife to America would be an even worse idea.

At least in Cambodia she would have friends, family, and a whole life outside of interacting with me.

Marriage is an economic arrangement and financial status is important when the parents select a husband for their daughter. Showing affection between a man and a woman is rare, and so is kissing and touching in public, also known as PDA (public displays of affection).Sometimes, the caller does not even pretend to be calling a wrong number.He comes right out and say it: "Srey Sa-at ["pretty girl"] blah blah blah..." I know because I have had to deal with such calls myself.A girl who becomes pregnant out of wedlock is seen as bringing shame to her family.The choice of a spouse is a complex one for the young male, and it may involve not only his parents and his friends, as well as those of the young woman, but also a matchmaker.

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