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Oversized fletchings can be used to accentuate drag and thus limit the range of the arrow significantly; these arrows are called flu-flus.

His own personal journey has led him and his family to Marlborough, where he has resided for the past seven years as a teacher."In India, when we were in school we did not have much art so I used to just draw and paint at home with colours that were presents for me by friend and relatives," Duppati says."I was inspired to be an artist, but my parents wouldn't let me. So after school I had to go into engineering just to satisfy my parents." Secretly, though, Duppati started applying to a fine arts school, and after several years, he eventually got accepted for the five-year degree.

Art was also very rich during my childhood days and festivals and religious ceremonies are crucial to Indian culture."The colour, the sounds, the painting, the dance, the music, everything that is part of life is an inspiration to me.

Having so many religions and festivals in India, makes for an interesting mix, and out of all that I am trying to figure out who I am and these things pop up in my work."Duppati is well-travelled with a colourful career as a performance and installation artist as well.

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